Tiny House Meets Barn – Architecture

Tiny House meets barn is the sweet marriage of a small house built in the 40’s and a barn addition to gain much needed square footage. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest modern architecture, the back addition rooflines are simple with many windows.


The original house was 900 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 1 tiny bathroom and open kitchen / dining/ living space. The foundation was solid and there was an adequate full staircase to the second floor accessing one of the bedrooms with a ceiling height of 6’-3” at the center for a few feet leading to sloped walls on the sides. Dormering this structure out wouldn’t gain much space and since the roof structure was fine, it didn’t make sense to take the roof off and build a full second floor. So, we decided to put on an addition that was taller than the original home and would read as a barn but function as a two-car garage, kitchen / dining and second floor master suite.


This NH Seacoast home is only a few blocks from the beach and abuts conservation land with a footpath to the ocean- so, we focused the living toward the back of the house. The landscaping was designed to create indoor / outdoor living with a large patio and fireplace. Outbuildings create a cozy, private space. Hales Landscaping added large boulders for seating and retaining walls. Planting beds border the original stonewall and create privacy from the backyard neighbor.


The windows were in good condition on the original house with white exterior and interior casings but the homeowners prefer the black exterior casings. So in the back, we moved to the black windows and left the white in the front. The interior trim is white in the front and natural wood in the back barn addition. It makes for an interesting study in how to treat windows in relation to each other as well as the siding materials.

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