The Glass House

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This new construction home is name “The Glass House” because of all the strategically placed windows and doors that allow light to flow freely throughout the home. Located in Newmarket, NH and surrounded by over 100 acres of conservation land, this home is 1800 conditioned living square feet with another 1800 sf unfinished sub-grade that daylights out with a 16’ glass slider. It was strategically located on the lot to take advantage of views and light throughout the entire year.

The black exterior | white interior windows play with positives and negative shapes as they move around the home. The hip roof with gable ends provide a space for small windows to light the ceiling line of the home. The combination of windows and doors create light, traffic and air flow.

The roof with copper flashing and flack trim also creates a four-foot mahogany walkway around the entire home as inspired by Japanese architecture. With Cedar posts, this roofline allows for white cedar siding to remain clear from the weather. A base of cement board with a 10” water table topped with copper flashing mimic the color of the natural rocks and bark surrounding the home. The roof is interrupted by the cement chimney for the clean, modern wood-burning fireplace.

The simple lines are intended to calm the eye and allow for one to appreciate the geometric shapes juxtaposed with nature. The home is to be a haven for clean, simple living.

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