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The place we call home refers to more than what exists within the walls of a structure. The landscape that surrounds us becomes as much a part of how we feel about our home as the design inside. When we are designing your new home or addition, we are always thinking about how the earth is impacted by our decisions, determining how the soil we remove and relocate determines the shape and grade of the surrounding land. The elements used in our landscape design are natural and whimsical, paying particular attention to what is native to our unique New England woods and wetlands. We implement permanent structural additions such as pergolas, patios, gardens, and trees, as well as strategically placed outdoor furniture and large pot plantings to create flexible physical boundaries that are four-season friendly. Components like natural rock, harvested glacial erratics, and quarry stone look as beautiful covered with snow in the winter as they do covered with moss and lichen in the summer. Carefully considering site conditions, parking, privacy, and functionality, we aim to form the bedrock for years of backyard campfires, family barbeques, space for children to run and play, and morning cups of coffee.

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Jun 15, 2021

How Landscape Design Impacts Architecture

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