Irving Lake House

Lake Retreat 2

Although the homeowners had an existing home on this lakeside plot in Alton Bay, New Hampshire, it was a true camp. What they were looking for was a low maintenance retirement home with a traditional, functional style. The existing camp was torn down and this home was built entirely new on the old footprint. A challenge of the project was that the property was quite hilly, and there was a significant variance in the grade of the land from the street level to the lake. While the the front of the house sits on bedrock ledge, the back of the house that faces the lake has a 9’ ceiling and walks out to grade. Although this meant lots of careful planning architecturally, it also lends to the unique look of the home’s exterior. We used Harvey Building Products for both the perfect shade of grey exterior siding, and the windows that create a dramatic stylized lake-facing side of the home.

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Jan 18, 2020

New Englander Meets Modern – V2

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