Historic Victorian

Historic Victorian_body

The historic bones of this home in the Little Harbor neighborhood of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, were an interesting foundation to work from on this full renovation and addition. Because the home is located in a designated historic district, but the client’s taste is modern, we strove to honor the history of the neighborhood on the outside while also accommodating the homeowners style and their functional demands of the house inside. New Englander homes are notoriously vertical houses, and because extensive additions required us to connect the home and garage, we had the unique challenge of connecting varying roof lines and different floor level heights.  This required approval from the Historic District Commission as well as side setback variances all before the project even began. The end result is a home with a complex and interesting roofline that suits all the homeowner’s needs and respects the history of the home, using Andersen Windows, mahogany decking, and Brosco doors.

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Jun 15, 2021

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