Bungalow Renovation

Front porch

This 1910 bungalow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was purchased knowing that it needed to be “loved back to life.” The homeowners, who planned to renovate it for their family of five, were prepared to do some major work to give it the character and function needed to call it their home. First, the chimney was removed and the walls opened up to create an open concept living space on the first floor. Next, a new flooring system was built and the existing roof pulled off the second floor, raising the roofline and creating three new dormers to achieve three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small family room. We then replaced a small room that was falling off the back of the house with a new and expanded mudroom and bathroom, and finally, renovated the kitchen and master suite. The home was completely transformed all while maintaining the clean, simple lines of the bungalow from the exterior. The roofline is a hip roof with gable dormers, siding is pre-dipped shingles from Cabot, the front porch was rebuilt with new mahogany decking, and the windows are 400 series from Andersen.

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