Throwback Thursday… The Sliding Barn Door

No doubt, barn doors are in… very “in”! And there is a good reason why: 1) They are a way to express creativity and add a little “funk” / personality to a project. 2) They can be used instead of a pocket door as long as you have the wall space for them. This can… Continue reading Throwback Thursday… The Sliding Barn Door

Alton Bay Cottage Windows

The Alton Bay Cottage is well under way and looking great. The windows were custom made by Maki Building Center in MA. for an excellent price. While Maki has to stay within the perimeters of what they are outfitted to manufacturer they are basically able to produce any size window or door. Typically, I supply the builder… Continue reading Alton Bay Cottage Windows

Winter Construction

Winter Construction projects are always a challenge… especially this winter! This is my client’s house being built on Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton Bay, New Hampshire. Originally, it was a true “camp” with not a lot of redeeming value. It will be a beautiful “cottage” with large windows to view the lake and Mt. Major. Just to… Continue reading Winter Construction

Be an Educated Consumer, Part 1

If you have done a large building project, do you know what you actually bought? We are very educated consumers, but when it comes to our largest investment, people will often trust the contractor until there is a frustration point.Let’s discuss how to avoid expensive and emotional pitfalls. To start…Hire a contractor on the following… Continue reading Be an Educated Consumer, Part 1

Building a Team for your Home

I appreciate being able to work in a productive relationship with a contractor! Often, I work on projects that are isolated from the contractor and often contractors complain about designers unrealistic designs. Working together means that I can design efficiently and effectively, directly benefiting the client. Through the design phases if the contractor is involved… Continue reading Building a Team for your Home

House Colors

Choosing  the right color to paint your house can be almost overwhelming. After all, it’s a big and expensive decision – one that will last a long time. This home is in Grenada and it actually looks quite beautiful in it’s setting. But in many parts of the world, it would be over the top.… Continue reading House Colors