June 27, 2019

Accessories are often looked over but if you know the ins & outs of ordering accessories, there is no reason why they should be.

The one primary reason why I put ordering accessories in the timeline of a project is because we want the builder to install them. The second reason is because it’s hard to use a bathroom without accessories.


Here is the list of accessories that you will need to buy:

  • Toilet Paper Holder– I’m a fan of the slide in TP, it’s helps those lazy souls who prefer to put the TP on the floor or window sill.
  • Towel Bar– remember to consider how many people will be using that bathroom and provide them with a towel bar.
  • Hand Towel Holder– this should go as close to the sink as possible.
  • Robe Hook– don’t forget that this could be an option for a towel bar if need be. Locate a hook as close to the shower as possible.
  • Mirrors – Shape and size determine how the lighting is installed.
  • Cabinetry– pulls and knobs. This is a bit of a complicated process and could be an entire blog but my one piece of advice is to plan, plan, plan – make a map of the pieces that you order so that you don’t forget your thoughts behind what you bought.


FINISH: The finish should match the faucet hardware in the bathroom or kitchen. Ideally, this also matches the lighting finish or shade.

SHAPE: It is always great to be able to repeat something in the space if possible with the shape of the back plate of the hardware.


Where to Buy:

BATHROOM – your local plumbing supplier will carry a line of accessories that also matches the faucet. These have the best connection and install the best for long term results. They are also expensive. You can also go on Amazon and purchase just about anything that you want. Think of these as temporary and know that you will need to replace them relatively shortly which will mean patching and painting so consider that alternative.

CABINETRY HARDWARE – We use Cliffside Hardware as a resource for all high-end cabinetry hardware. Typically, we order a sample in several sizes to make sure that when it is held up to the drawer, it works perfectly. Don’t order an entire kitchen of hardware until you are positive that it’s perfect, drilling holes in brand new cabinetry is a commitment. One of the most frustrating parts of ordering hardware is if they don’t have the quantities that you need. Amazon has a nice resource of high-end hardware; you just need to know what you are looking for. Restoration Hardware also has a beautiful line. Instagram and pinterest are a great way to find what you are looking for.

MIRRORS: While there are many resources for mirrors, my favorite tend to be CB2 (Infinity Mirror), Restoration Hardware, Shades of Light and Amazon. Google search is your friend when looking for the perfect mirror.

Long and short, don’t forget to order your accessories as soon as you have placed that final plumbing and lighting order. They can sit and wait for months but at least they will be on hand and ready to go when the builder is ready.

Lastly, remember to have fun. Sometimes you can find reclaimed pieces that work great or something on etsy that is more artful and colorful.