October 06, 2017

Setting the Stage:

The original house dates back to the 1950’s, a little cape lives in a “Pocket Neighborhood,” a few blocks away from the beach, walkable through conservation land and a public path. Seven years ago the homeowner did a “minor” renovation– securing the foundation and lally columns to make the home structurally sound. They added new windows just in the front of the house and on the side, as well as a space above the first floor with a full staircase.

Now, this space had 6’-4” finished ceiling height at the ceiling for just about 4’-0” wide. That means that you had to duck the minute that you stepped to the right or left of the middle of the house.


The Scope of Project:

  • Larger Bathroom
  • Reconfigure the existing Guest Room to create two functional First Floor Bedrooms.
  • Create a Sitting/ Reading area looking out to the Backyard
  • Inside the Addition:
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Room
    • (2) Car Garage
    • Master Bedroom, Bath & Closet

What’s inside the barn addition?

Truly, the only way to create an addition to the existing house was not to try to match or go below the existing roofline, a standard of designing an addition, but to go much larger. And the only way to make this look reasonable was to make it look like a barn. So… a barn we built.

What’s inside the barn:

  • A lovely two-car garage
  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Master Suite

Mission accomplished!

Its’ been an amazing adventure with these clients! They are kind, patient, generous with their thought process and extremely creative. I loved working with these two, it was an amazing experience and I will miss them both.