June 11, 2015

Do you have the right rug? Or, how do you know if your rug is right?

1) Basically, you will want your rug to “determine your space”. Decide how you want to use your room. Do you want to have one or two spaces? If you have an open concept floor plan, rugs are a great way to layout areas that are task specific such as lounging and dining.

2) Once you have decided how you want to use the space, the size can be determined by what you want in that area. For example, if you want lounging space of a sofa, two chairs and coffee table, the ideal size would be to have the back two feet of each seat off the rug. This balances the room and holds down the rug to keep it from looking like it is “flying away” or looking “too weighty” in the room.

3) The material of the rug is also determined by what you are doing in that space.

_ Family Rooms – medium cut pile that is comfortable to sit on the floor but still easy to clean.

_ Dining Rooms – an indoor/outdoor rug or plastic or jute rug is perfect for this area.

_ Bedrooms – lush pile rugs are wonderful to step out of bed and onto.

Most importantly, always get a sample of a rug when purchasing. Returning a large rug is costly and a hassle. If you are buying online, I suggest buying a small 2×3 or request a sample cutting if possible.

We carry several lines of rugs and are happy to get samples for you:

Pappelina: http://www.pappelina.com/ompappelina_eng.php
Jaipur: http://www.jaipurrugs.com

Surya: http://www.surya.com

Let me help you choose your next rug!