August 23, 2014

Why do children want to renovate their bedroom every fall? Well, I suspect because they are either emotionally older and want / need to reflect this maturity in their surroundings or they physically need to make some changes.

I have three children-  13, 16 and 20 – and every single year it seems that we are moving things around to meet everyones needs. My 13 year old (who is part hoarder) likes to sleep longer now so we had to get her new shades and rid of all things with flowers. My high school student wants a desk in her room. A reasonable request but it also means that we need to move furniture around. My college student – well, that’s the tricky one… he’s moving into an apartment in Boston so this means he needs furniture. We sat at dinner the other night to negotiate what furniture would go where but it still will require a day long journey to Ikea.

Why Ikea? It’s perfect for children and their ever-changing room needs! You can spend thousands of dollars investing in making your child’s room perfect (here is an article on houzz to show you how), but I can guarantee that they will want it changed next year! So I suggest a trip to Ikea, bond with your child, have some swedish meatballs and relax into the journey of parenting room by room.