Throwback Thursday: Claim the Reclaimed!

Stairway_Bungalow_Open Living by amy dutton

Embrace the old! Using reclaimed products is a wonderful way to add dimension and history to your home. This renovated home dates to 1910 but it didn’t have interesting woodwork. Not a problem, we added it!

The beadboard, baseboard, balusters, railing and newel post are all from Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine but from about 3 different original. But HOW do you achieve the logistics of finding and installing the finish product?

1) Measure the area that you would like to use the reclaimed products.

2) Talk to your contractor and see what his thoughts are. If you don’t have a contractor on the job site and you are going to work on the project yourself, simply meet with your reclaimed supplier and discuss what you are looking for. The thing is, most of them know exactly what products they have in stock even though the place might look like a mess.

3) Most things are sold by the lineal foot or square foot, that will allow you to do some cost estimating to make sure that you want to do the project. I encourage you to now over think the pricing. Adding reclaimed is an educated decision but it is not cheap, it is creative.

For more information of building efficiently and using reclaimed products in your design, check out this article.

Products for a Late Summer Soiree

featured products @ amy dutton home

Even though school has started in some parts of the country, summer IS still here! So enjoy every minute of it and throw a party! Hosting an event in August celebrates friendship and outside so celebrate with class. There are several different products at amy dutton Gallery that are perfect to make your next soiree special. From flatware to dishes and candles to bowls, come by and see what unique and special pieces will make your event beautiful.

Houzz also features some guest picks, shown in the photo are a few of my special picks. Let me know if I can help make your party even more special.

Fabric of the week: Skyrocket

tablecloth @ amy dutton

Tablecloths, pillows, bedding, shower curtains and more can be created out of our fabric. This original graphic pattern accents the vertical with circles and squares. This is a great fabric to repeat vertically and give some height or length to your home.

Come in to the showroom in Kittery and check out our sample room filled with all the color ways available in Skyrocket.

It’s HOT!

air-conditioning by amy dutton

In all honesty, I’m not much of an AC girl! However, it was my husband’s “deal breaker” for moving – he insisted on AC! Because I really wanted to move to Portsmouth, NH (an amazing city) I caved. But here’s the thing to point out… THE VENT CHASE!

At the time, I referred to this lovely chase as “Our Divorce Wall” because we spent about 4K to take down a chimney and replaced it with a chase just a little more plumb with the staircase to the second floor. On the upside, my hairdresser sold me an amazing piece of artwork for the wall. On the downside, I want to remind you all about this wicked chase that goes through all the floors of your home. Recently, I was at a client’s new home and they decided to put in AC during construction and loose 18″ out of their master shower. It’s an educated decision that we make but it is best to make it in advance of construction and during the design phase!

Don’t get me started on the AC unit itself! We had to get a variance to put it on the side of our home because of tight property lines. During the winter we could hear the neighbor’s snow plow come by and dump snow on our AC exchanger. My solution… a BIG boulder to keep my neighbor’s snow plow from dumping snow on it!

AC… worth it? You can decide on your own but here is an article to give advise on hiding the AC unit.


Add Light to Shabby Chic

percival sconce @ amy dutton home

I currently have a client who defines the eclectic elegance of Shabby Chic. It is fun and inspiring to work with her and see how her taste works. She is drawn to classic looks that have a flair of different, rustic and original movement. It’s great to have a client who is able to look at a light fixture and say, “That is me!” After all, I am not designing my house, it is her house and it should reflect her taste and personality. It is my job to help her find the products and designs that will bring her personality forward so that she can feel completely at home in her new space.

This light fixture is sold by Fogg Lighting in Portland. An amazing resource for lighting with an experienced staff to help you with your lighting needs.

Here are some more inspirations for the Shabby Chic look.

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