Throwback Thursday: Fiddleheads

Do you like Fiddleheads? Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern, harvested to use as a vegetable in the early spring before unfolding in to the fern leaf. The fiddlehead represents one of the most important growing periods of the fern’s life cycle. Ferns regenerate through the spreading of rhizomes (root structure). The fronds specifically emerge from the soil to seek out and provide nutrients for the plant’s root system before the fronds die back in the fall months. Overharvesting of fiddleheads from the same plant can exhaust the root’s nutrient reserve to the point of killing the plant.

The fiddlehead resembles the curled ornamentation (called a scroll) on the end of a stringed instrument, such as a violin. It is also called a crozier, after the curved staff used by bishops, which has its origins in the shepherd’s crook. It is also the inspiration for my fabric line, Songo. 

The name is fun, the shape is amazing and inspiring, what’s not to love about fiddleheads?  Here is a great recipe for Fiddleheads Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette.

Countertop Controversy

Kitchen_Colonial_Granite Countertop_Lots of Windows

Countertops are a huge financial investment and a huge visual impact! Every homeowner has an opinion about countertops because they are a huge part of your daily life. Do they show dirt? Do they stain? Can you ruin them with heat? How do they feel to the hand? What is the difference between natural and man-made products? We have so many choices these day (because the “formica reign” really needed to end!) that it is very confusing.

One key thing to remember is that you should choose the countertop that speaks to your heart. If you are a perfectionist, sometimes natural stone (granite, soapstone, etc.) is just too unpredictable and uncomfortable. Then you would be looking for a man-made product such as quartz, silestone etc. because these products are completely predictable from the sample on the floor to your finished countertop. If you embrace the elements and prefer a more natural and organic look, then you should be considering natural stone available in many different finishes.

This article offers some solid advise and information on countertops. One bit of solid advise… be sure to have enough contrast between your countertops and cabinets in order for it to read interesting.

What kind of a countertop do you like, natural or man-made?

Fabric of the Week: Songo

Songo @ amy dutton

This graphic fabric design is a great line that has been with us since the beginning because it is tried and true. It can be traditional or contemporary or just fun depending on the colors used.

The pattern replicates fiddleheads or fern fonds. Shown in the photo as pillows with opposing colors, it is a fun and moving fabric.

I’m working on an orange and green version of this fabric in large and small scale for window treatments – stay tuned to see photos.


Bike Creatively


Are you a cyclist?  Cyclist are passionate about biking and their equipment but where and how do you store it?

My son is a huge cyclist (he’s the one with the yellow shoes and grey/red socks that don’t match) and when he is home from college, I usually have 1-3 bikes in my living room. I love having him home so I breathe deep but it is definitely a conversation about how to store your bikes inside without taking up too much space.  Here are some great ideas.

Bikes also make great graphics for wall decor. I love these ideas and I’m working on a few myself. What do you think of these walls?

Friday’s Find: Looking for the Best Coffee Table

coffee tables @ amy dutton home

Are you looking for the perfect coffee table? They are surprisingly not easy to find so here are some guidelines:

1) Size – choose something that fits your space appropriately. You should have about 12 – 15″ between your seating to the coffee table all around. Also, make sure it is not too high or it will hurt your legs when you have your feet up.

2) Shape – coffee tables can be shin-killers if they are sharp and they hit your leg at the wrong point. Try to find a shaped coffee table that is interesting and functional for you.

3) Finish – remember that this piece of furniture not only needs to look good but also will get a lot of use between drinks, food and feet. This table is reclaimed wood, a perfect finish for a coffee table.

We recently sold this table but can easily replicate this perfect coffee table for you. Here are some other ideas that might give you some inspiration and direction.

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