Welcome to Our Networking Coffee

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On Friday, January 23rd we will host a Networking Coffee from 8am – 9:30 for local business owners. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet new people that could be very valuable to your business.

We hope that you will join us for coffee and treats. All you have to do is show up and join the conversation. A drawing for an hour design consultation will occur at 9am so bring your business cards.

3 Great Local Resources & Hints

materials @ amy dutton home

When you are under a renovation, there are a plethora of decisions to be made! You don’t have the time or energy to do the shopping between resources.

Here are my three great finds and resources that I would love to share with you:

  • Plumbing: FW Webb in Dover, NH (Melanie is amazing) they will carry major brands except Kohler. Kohler is sold exclusively by Redlon & Johnson (Deb is also amazing!) If looking for high-end fixtures, I suggest Waterworks out of Boston Design Center. While we are discussing quality, I can guarantee that FW Webb and Redlon & Johnson will end up matching the pricing of Home Depot & Lowes but their quality is much higher!
  • Tile: Zenstoneworks in Portsmouth, NH is a wonderful local resource. Tile is expensive and sold by the square foot. Be sure to remember to calculate the repeat of any design, it is not a straight forward square footage calculation.
  • Paint: A&M Paint is a wonderful resource. I am a big fan of C2 and Benjamin Moore Paints. They are beautiful colors and amazing quality. Here is a mistake that people often make…. they get paint colors mixed by Sherwin Williams or Lowes but, it is not the same paint quality or color. The saturation and depth is of low quality and you will end up buying twice the amount and spending twice the amount of time painting.

Stay tuned on more local resources but feel free to send me some questions if you need hints!



Visitors of our SHOP are always asking us for tidbits of design advice and they bring us questions about dilemmas with their own home projects. We love being a source of inspiration and expertise in the world of design. This is why we have started our own series of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) classes to answer some of the questions in a more informative manner. Our goal is to provide customers with a foundation in design and teach them the skills they need to complete their own home projects. Each class will be focused on one topic (i.e. how to sew a pillow with piping and a zipper, Paint 101, how to create a stencil) and our hope is that through attending a series of classes homeowners will gain enough knowledge to tackle any DIY project they dream up!

We have found some wonderful woman who are excited to start teaching the classes. Lisa Carney is a local contractor who has many tricks up her sleeve and can’t wait to spread her knowledge of great craftsmanship. Lisa will be teaching classes like: How to build a bookshelf, ottoman, concrete table, and more. Kathy Bush is the owner of Badger Island Sewing Co. and has worked with Amy on many projects including items for the adH SHOP. She can’t wait to start classes like: How to slipcover a chair, create a cushion for a window seat, and other ways to use fabric in the home. Amy will also be teaching some fundamental classes where she will discuss her own experiences with DIY and design dilemmas that she has conquered over the years.

To see a schedule and find out more information on the classes please visit our DIY SATURDAYS website page. We hope to see you in the classroom!

TBT or Looking into the Future

mirror @ amyduttonhome.com

Did you know that the Amish do not believe in mirrors? I’ll admit, there are some days that I wish I had never looked into a mirror! But, it is a necessary evil. It’s good to think about how we present ourselves to the world.

And yes, if we embrace the mirror concept, it can be like an added piece of art. Between shape and size they can be used to accent a design or sit back and blend into the room. Mirrors are also used as introducing one of the four elements to a vignette and used to make a space feel larger.

This is a mirror that I made out of the amy dutton paper line. We can customize these papers with color and scale to work in your space. Let’s look into the future together and design something that is fun and inspiring for your space.


How to Shop for Appliances

Kitchen @ amy dutton

As we set out for shopping and cooking for, take another look at your appliances. Do they need some upgrading? Or are you in the process of renovating your kitchen? Here is some inside advise on the process:

  1. As you lay out your kitchen go appliance shopping before you commit to your cabinet selection. When you see what is out on the market and how those appliances will impact the flow and function of  your kitchen.
  2. Before you make a down payment to cabinet shop, commit to the appliances by making full payment and requesting that they hold delivery until final install.
  3. When you go to the first appliance place, get the best salesperson that you can find. If you don’t click with that sales person, try to find someone who you feel will work hard for you.
  4. Your salesperson should give you a final print out estimate of the appliances that you selected.
  5. Do your own online research from this appliance list. Read reviews from both homeowners and professionals.
  6. Once you finalize your list and get a final estimate from your salesperson, I recommend emailing this quote to another appliance store and request that they beat the price.
  7. Don’t forget to include the service agreement in your quote!
  8. Once the appliance stores have gone back and forth, make your final selection of vendor. Be sure to get full information of product specifications.

This will give you the ability to save money that you can spend on other items! Let me know if you  have any questions about this process, I’m happy to give some advise!

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