Before The Black Eye

black-eyed Susan @ amyduttonhome

Black-eyed Susan got her name because she is one tough plant! You have to be in oder to live in New England after all our summers are hot & cold, dry & wet, in other words – unpredictable!

But the black-eyed Susan along with daisies join the cast of amazing plants that are hardy and beautiful. Here is the Northeast Gardner’s July Checklist that I find helpful. Coneflower is not on the list but I find it is bring medicinal qualities as well as resounding strength and beauty. Coneflower is typically purple and balances the gold of the Black-eyed Susan and white of daisies perfectly.

If you don’t live in New England, here is a helpful article of what to do in your garden during July. What are your staple things to do in your garden in July before we loose the annuals beauty to the heat of August?

Fabric of the Week: Anna’s Angle


Anna’s Angle was designed and inspired by a sweet 12 year old girl who said that she only liked angles. So I played around to see what I could come up with for a repeat. It’s also valuable to look at how colors interact with each other. The result is a fun and vibrant fabric that is very graphic.

This fabric will be a valance as well as a few throw pillows in a larger scale.

How to Design a Garage

The garage @

A garage can be a significant visual  impact to the presentation of a home. Typically, we try to move the garage doors to the side of the house in order to design windows well and  “dress up”  the garage doors. (Check out this article for more ideas.)

In this house, the garage doors were definitely a problem and super ugly. One was recessed in and the other had been removed at some point and replaced with siding. Like I said, super ugly! Several issues have also come into play with this house as well – wetland and shoreland permitting, variance for lot coverage and conservation commission requirements. All of this has resulted in the deck being located above the garage.

What do you think about the deck of this raised ranch becoming the carport and entrance to the garage?

Fourth Friday Forum, June 27th!

amy dutton home back door

Please join us our 4th Friday Forum Series tonight from 6-8pm.  The Kittery Foreside businesses have come together to be open late for our community to enjoy and explore. There are many new businesses in Kittery, Maine and we have come together bringing inspiration and community connection.

How to find us?  We are located just over the Memorial Bridge from Portsmouth, NH, an hour North of Boston and 40 minutes South of Portland, Maine. Note: I also have a parking lot behind the Gallery!

Hope to see you there!

Throwback Thursday: The Spirograph


Seriously, who doesn’t love playing with a spirograph? This geometric drawing toy was created in 1965 by british engineer  Denys Fisher. “Spirograph” has also been applied to the class of curves that can be produced with the drawing equipment, and therefore may be regarded as a synonym of hypotrochoid. When kids say that they hate math, put a spirograph in front of them and let them play!

I love the organic shapes that they create from the predictable math formula. There is something meditative and exciting about going round & round with a variety of pens to create a shape that has life and movement.

I’ve created graphic line of tiles and fabrics to use the shape in a new and exciting way in your home. Come into the gallery and let me show you how it works.

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