Bridging the Seasons

memorial_bridge, NH

This is my all time favorite bridge! It’s officially been open one year after being rebuilt. It bridges New Hampshire and Maine and blends Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH together into one community.

There is something graceful and bold, simple and complex about the lines and the architectural history of it.

Here we go, stepping into fall. There is still so much to see in New England until the snow flies, come on by the Gallery and see what is new for fall!

How to Finish a Ceiling?

Ranch Reno by amy dutton home

Look up! And what do you see? We often don’t think about the material selection of the ceiling but it is worth a few minutes at least to… think. Because it is typically a large amount of square footage, it can be expensive to finish your ceiling in anything else but drywall, but perhaps consider adding a new texture or finish.

Beadboard, reclaimed wood or metal are just a few options. In this house we are still trying to figure out the final material selections with lighting. What do you think would be a good idea?

And here are some great ideas for the treatment of ceilings listed on houzz. Be sure to read down the comments under the article, many of them are quite humorous.

Friday’s Find: Gee’s Bend Rug

geesbend_classicrug_ amy dutton home

Feet friendly rugs are important not only for your feet but also for your floors. They hold so much power! They can be the focus or sit back into the background.

I always suggest looking at rugs before you determine the theme of the space. Make sure it works with scale, proportion, focus and flow.

I have this great rug at the showroom so come by and see it in person! This rug line is also carried by Barbara Barren’s Classic Rug.

Here are some other graphic rug ideas and also check out Angela Adams Rugs.

Throwback Thursday: Your Grandmother’s Garden?

flowers @ amy dutton home

There is something very reminiscent about cutting flowers for a vase, especially in the fall. Hydrandeas remind me of the bright huge flowers of my grandmother’s garden in Berkeley, CA. They amazed me as a child that so many flowers created one powerful bloom. Then I learned how to dry them by hanging them upside down in the basement so that I could keep them all winter long.  Hope!

Add in this bouquet, Cone Flower. This amazing flower blooms all the way from July to September as long as you deadhead properly.

Come on by the Gallery and see the hydrangea and cone flower. Here are some more ideas from houzz.



How to Deck Out Your Patio


Outdoor seating can make or break a space! Maximize the use of your space for function and flow. How about some suggestions:

1) BEFORE you create the space, go shopping and decide what furniture you will be putting in the space. Determine your budget for this for the overall budget, then shop. We knew that this rock work was going to be expensive so I went to Target online and found what I was looking for at a great price. I know that I can always buy expensive outdoor furniture later so I purchased common sized furniture as “place holders”. It was delivered within a week and will be replaced when it dies. Actually, 4 years later it’s still looking good!

2) Determine what you want to do in the space! I wanted to be able to relax and entertain or just read on comfortable furniture but I also wanted to have a dining space. Therefore, the patio was located between the door which naturally divides up the space between dining and relaxing. The outdoor fireplace also gives a focal point which is lined up directly across from the door. provides some interesting ideas as well. Let me know if you need help determining the flow and function of your space.

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