Easy & Inexpensive Holiday Decorations

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Are you looking for some fast and inexpensive ways to finish up your holiday decorating? We have a few ideas:

  • Greens: Either head out to the yard or to the green house to get some greens to play with. Adding simple green cuttings to clear class or a simple bowl is a great way to add color and texture to your table.
  • Tree: What is under your tree? Do you have room for a vignette of a small village? Remember the terrariums around the house to add color and texture.
  • Cranberries: So simple, but vastly fun and important. With a bit of water, cranberries and greens, this is a great way to use glassware a bit differently.
  • Oranges & Clover: Again, it’s a basic simple wonder that makes your space colorful and smell delicious. Fun to make and last well into the new year.

Most importantly during your holiday decorating… HAVE FUN!



Fish Dish Decorated

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We are introducing a new dish line. All the dishes are white and have different finishes, sizes and purposes. We will be bringing full stock of these lines in the spring but can easily order however many you need.

As we expand our lines, come in and let us know what you  are looking for and hoping to see at amy dutton home. Dishes is just the beginning!

New Lighting @ the SHOP!


We have worked hard to bring you lighting! Unique lighting. Functional lighting. Lighting that is fun and inspirational! Lighting can be very tricky and very important to your home. Obviously, there are many, many options from online to the local lighting stores but the point is that your decisions should be very intentional. Here are some guidelines that you can start with:

  1. When renovating you will have a few lights to purchase, make sure these either take an entirely different direction than your existing house or you will need to match the design style and finish.
  2. If you are building a new house or complete renovation, it is important to remember that your finish and style should match throughout the entire house. Once you get outside things can change, but inside stay true to your decision. (note: I also feel that your kitchen hardware should match your kitchen lighting finish.)
  3. There are certain places that you can introduce really fun fixtures like: the entry, the kitchen island, the kitchen sink, the powder room, the master bath. Just remember that once you start having “fun” there is such a thing as “too much fun” and going overboard. Choose a theme and stay true to it to bring a continuity (ie. a shape or style).
  4. In each space, what are you trying accomplish? Ambient, function, fun, interesting or creative?
  5. One choice would be to have one finish in different styles or same styles with different finishes. Staying consistent is important.

Overall, I encourage you to think about what style, texture or finish you like. Think about a theme or shape that would best portray your personality.  And… think about what part of your house you would like to accent with something fun!

Then, come on in to amy dutton Home and take a look at our lighting from commercial to artisan lighting, sconces to pendants. I’m happy to review your lighting choices and give you some advise and inspiration.


How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays


Before your guest arrive for the holidays, I bet you have a few things to do. How about a checklist to help you out:

  1. Outside: Check to make sure that the outide is welcoming, cleaned up from the fall and ideally has a string of lights or two. Remember that hanging lights is a time investment, recruit a helper and load up your staple gun. Make sure your extension cords are rated for exterior use.
  2. Entry: You will want the lights nicely dim and a door with a colorful wreath.
  3. Common Areas: Think about  areas that can take roping, lighting and candles. Adding texture and light on a cold winter’s night is the holidays.
  4. Bathroom: Now this is where you can add some class… flowers and candles. Perhaps dim the light and add a lamp if that is possible.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday in celebrating with your family and friends.

Here are even more ideas that might help you in organizing your space for the holidays.

Accessories a Plenty


Accessories are an essential part of completing a space in your home. Many people have a very hard time filling in the “blanks” of a space so let me help you out. Essentially, when you have something simple like a chair, table and a lamp  it needs to be accessorized with: a vase with flowers, a throw on the chair and a candle. This sets the mood of what will make the space feel like home.

We sell all of these things at amy dutton Home and they make fabulous gifts! I promise that they would be a well received gift or… buy yourself a gift!


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