Fabric of the week: Arcadia

pillows @ amy dutton home

Round & Round we go to make a graphic design that stand out and adds interest to any home! Shown here in the purple background with red and orange spirograph, this pillow easily plays nice with other pillows and accents in the room.

We can scale this design to be the center of a pillow or off set the repeat to meet your needs. Do you need different colors to work in your space? Not a problem, we can customize the colors to work perfectly for your space.

The Low Down on Bedskirts

bedskirts @ amy dutton home

Bed skirts are sometimes a necessity and sometimes a design element. However, the lack of a bed skirt when you should be using one is always bad.

If you use the space under your bed for storage (and it is not built in as part of the bed design) you need a bed skirt. If you have simple free standing or platform bed, you don’t need a bed skirt. Simple as that.

Now, when choosing what kind of bed skirt, keep a few things in mind:

1) Size – only use a bed skirt that fits the size of your bed perfectly. When putting the bed skirt on, lift up the mattress all the way – put the skirt on all the up to the top  - put the mattress back on.

2) Fit – The bottom of the skirt to meet the floor exactly!

3) Design – When choosing bed skirt, either a full or flat pleat, remember to not compete with the bed linens. If you have a printed comforter – go with a plain and simple skirt. When you want to add some flair to the room with a solid comforter – go with a printed skirt.

Here are some more ideas that you might want to think about.

Friday’s Find: The Kitchen Cabinet

cabinetry @ amy dutton home

Cabinetry is a huge expense and one that few want to experiment with. Kitchen cabinets can be simple and plain which can be interesting and valuable as a design element. But it can also be fun to add interest to a space. This sample kitchen at my gallery is there to start the conversation.

Just a different art glass can add a lot of interest and variety to a simple design. Art glass is always interesting. Available by the sheet, I suggest finding a good glass artist and they will have several options – Bullseye Glass is wonderful supplier!

Fourth Friday Forum… What’s in the SALE Room?

Fabrics @ amy dutton home

The SALE room is officially open! Come on by tonight from 6-8pm for our 4th Friday Forum Series and check out what is in the SALE room and why? There was a process of putting this together and I’ll explain what it is.

Join us for drinks & apps and support your the Kittery Foreside businesses as we grow and develop. Hope to see you there!

Throwback Thursday: Fiddleheads


Do you like Fiddleheads? Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern, harvested to use as a vegetable in the early spring before unfolding in to the fern leaf. The fiddlehead represents one of the most important growing periods of the fern’s life cycle. Ferns regenerate through the spreading of rhizomes (root structure). The fronds specifically emerge from the soil to seek out and provide nutrients for the plant’s root system before the fronds die back in the fall months. Overharvesting of fiddleheads from the same plant can exhaust the root’s nutrient reserve to the point of killing the plant.

The fiddlehead resembles the curled ornamentation (called a scroll) on the end of a stringed instrument, such as a violin. It is also called a crozier, after the curved staff used by bishops, which has its origins in the shepherd’s crook. It is also the inspiration for my fabric line, Songo. 

The name is fun, the shape is amazing and inspiring, what’s not to love about fiddleheads?  Here is a great recipe for Fiddleheads Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette.

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