Gus* is HOME!

Gus_Lodge Chair

Gus* Modern is now available at amy dutton Home! We are so excited to be able to bring this great line to the seacoast! Gus* Modern is high quality, simple lines and has a fast turn around. Most pieces are available in two finishes that you will love.

Come in the amy dutton SHOP and you can sit in the Logan Sofa and the Lodge Chair. Both have sleek, clean lines and are amazingly comfortable!

We also invite you to go online and check out what else they offer. We are a “Brick & Morter” supplier and will always match online pricing but provide you with personal customer service.

Be believe in the line, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on our floor! Come in and check it out!

The Power of Chartreuse

Zuo Modern@ amy dutton home

Chartreuse has the power to pop! It is a fun color but it also has a great deal of grey in it so that it can also be relatively subtle. Used properly, Chartreuse blends gracefully into a room but also demands attention.

These Chartreuse chairs are made by Zuo Modern and are very comfortable! As an accent or a full set around the table, let us know how many you will need. And the pillows, will repeat the color and make the chairs work.

Here are more ideas on how to use Chartreuse.

My Design Dog Charlie

Charlie Dog Bed

Charlie is part designer! I am lucky enough to be able to take my dog to work with me.

Honestly, she is not extremely excited about going to the office. Usually, she prefers to stay home with the cats and have some sort of an adventure… I can only imagine the stories. Now that we are under construction, she is happy to get in the car and away from the noise of the contractors.

Now, she doesn’t love going to work because she has to be a good girl all day long. She can do it, but it’s certainly not easy and entails some bribery.

However, she does love the safety of her dog bed with the amy dutton fabric line. Cozy and comfortable, your dog too could have their own fashionable bed that matches your home decor! Interested? Here are some more design ideas straight from


420 RENO…Time for Drywall!

Drywalling at 420 Richards Ave

There is hope…drywall has arrived! Drywall signifies that preliminary inspections are complete and we can begin to close up walls.

This means that the project is taking shape and walls look like walls. For those people who cannot “see” a project, they can finally “see”. For my husband, there is an “ah-ha moment” and he can finally understand the direction that we are going in.

Now, while I love that we are drywalling, I am absolutely dreading this week. We have 4 days ahead of us of finishing up the blue board (drywall that tile will get applied to), mudding, taping and sanding. That will result in a total and complete mess! Even though I cover the furniture everyday, there is simply dust EVERYWHERE!

How to get through it? Go out to dinner and stay at work! That’s my plan and I’m sticking with it. Note: ALWAYS come up with a plan when you know that you have an intense week ahead of you, it will make the ride a bit smoother!

March is Mud Month…How To Get Out of The Rut!

March & Mud Month

March in New England signifies MUD! Well, actually we are still knee deep in snow here but there is plenty of mud to go around! There is a sense of rain boot fashion that should be owned to ease the pain of ruining shoes.

Yes, March is long! But the thing is, this is preparation time! A time to get your house in order so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather when it comes! Here are some “To Do Items:”

1) Since the winter provided many of us with ice dams, it is time to fix walls and paint. Choose a paint color that is fresh and new but still does not demand that you paint the entire house.

2) Change out your curtains! Since this is a time that the light changed, let more light IN! Introduce light window treatments that allow light in and still provide privacy.

3) Plant Grass. It is inevitable that you will need plenty of new grass to heal and replenish your lawn. Be sure to take care of your newly seeded grass in order to not have it wash away in a big rain or is walked on, but remember to water it generously when it is first setting roots.

Our beautiful summer will come, let’s get ready to enjoy it. Since it’s still snowing today, here are a few more ideas to get through the rest of the month. 

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