Fabric of the Week: Hughes

Pillows by amyduttonhome.com

Pillows can pull a space together and it’s especially fun in the bedroom. These pillows are a combination of Huges and Libby pattern collections  with Seaglass Blue and Chocolate Brown.

How can I help pull your bedroom together with fun and interesting pillows?

Invisible Railing!

Driscoll _ Porch @ amy dutton home.com

Do you have a great view? There is really nothing worse than having a busy railing to block your view. Over the last 10 years, great strides have been made in the cable railing system. Fortunately, these systems pass code easily and reasonably. Installers can purchase them at local lumber yards or any place that sells decking supplies. Ricci Lumber in Portsmouth, NH is a great contractor supply house that I highly recommend (see Pat).

In this home in the photo it is located in a Historic District. I am proud to say that we were the first cable rail system passed in New Castle, NH! Now everyone gets a great view!

If you want more ideas for an invisible rail system, check out this article.

Throwback Thursday: New Zealand Adventures

my family

Have you ever been on an airplane for 15 hours & traveled for 23? Well, if you are going to go from New England to New Zealand, it really does take that long. But it is well worth the time investment, New Zealand is a country of amazing people, adventure, art, nature and sheep!

This throwback photo shows my family on our adventure to New Zealand. Now both girls are my height and my son is taller than my husband and has a beard. New Zealand has inspired many of the nature line of my fabrics. And yes, I hope to get back there some day.


Hardware makes the difference!

hardware-triptych@amydutton home.com

There is no question,  you can have expensive cabinets and throw your money down the drain by applying ugly hardware. In order to avoid this, I suggest following a few simple rules:

1) Keep it simple!  More complicated design or lines confuse the eye and unsettle the soul.

2) Think about the trend. Don’t go too trendy or it will date your  home.

3) Remember the finish. Keep in mind what your faucet fixtures and light fixture finishes are and how they will blend with the cabinetry hardware.

In order to install cabinetry hardware, it is a commitment – holes get drilled into your new doors! I sell Hafele Hardware for clean and simple lines. So think about it carefully and with conviction. Here is an article to give a bit more advise.

Fab Home Office


Who has a home office? If you have an office and work from home, I hope that you love it! I’m sure you spend a ton of time in there! If not, let’s do something about that!

My husband actually has a home office and he spends a lot of time in there. But I get booted to my office in Kittery so that I can see you and actually get real work done! I do have a desk in the mudroom which actually serves me well. I find that I can check email quickly and still be in the middle of activities as well as enjoy the back garden and patio.

Regardless as to whether you work from home or have an outside office, every household has a needs a place to be organized. Where do you charge cell phones, devises, hold calendars that everyone needs to see? Here are some great ideas posted on Houzz but you can see that I always will go the simple and functional route from my office.

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